Instrument Operations Scientist

  Date of publication
  Deadline for applications
  Minimum qualifications:
  • Master degree or equivalent qualification in Physics or Engineering with background in astronomy.
  • Good communication skills.
  Salary range

Description Instrument Operations Scientist
Tasks and activities
  • Support to payload calibration activities including analysis of data from on-ground test activities
  • Support to instrument operations preparations including Performance Verification phase plan preparation and instrument operations modelling for the SOC commanding system
  • SOC operations preparation including the creation and validation of SOC operational procedures for downlink operations (routine telemetry processing, quick look and trend analysis) and uplink operations (generation of commanding requests)
  • Participation in System, Operational, Validation, Tests, and other on-ground test campaigns.
  • Testing and validation of new deliveries of SOC software, including regression testing
Skills and experience

The service to be provided requires a high level of relevant experience in:

  • Calibration and data analysis for CCD and near-infrared instrumentation
  • Science and payload operations for space missions
  • Handling common astronomical file formats e.g. FITS
  • A background in astronomy and experience with Python applications with good broad knowledge of Python is beneficial